Street-hop. ACG. G-Shocks. Food. Oomp Camp. Force series. Flight series. Charlotte, NC. Coke rap. Second-tier SB’s. Native Tongues. Blogs. Zones 1-6. Granola with no nuts. Superfeet. White tees. The Aphilliates. Jordan retros. Uni-Ball Vision Elites. Dip Set, circa 2003/2004. eBay hustling. Trap rap. Technical running shoes. High fashion. 830 Westview Drive. College basketball. Rappers who use their real names. The smell, fresh out the box. Atlanta, GA. Books. Art museums. Adidas Originals. The South. Saturday nights on rap radio stations. Crewneck sweatshirts. Nike watches. The S.W.A.T.S. Vanity projects. Instrumentals. 180s. Unreleased freestyles. GR’s. Brooklyn. Obnoxious colorways. Trap music. Women’s Nikes. That tick-tick, followed by that bump.


2 responses to “Into

  1. I love everything you do….

  2. mom is so funny sometimes, naw’mean? holla!

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