I Frequently Wish That I Thought of Things That Jen Thinks Of

So my friend Jennifer, who on a near daily basis serves as inspiration to write, post, take a picture, or otherwise participate online, organized (from this idea, although it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was her idea) an ongoing mixtape of sorts.  Gathered a couple of her friends, asked each to offer up a song in line with the tape’s theme (this first one is ‘songs with a name in the title’), and with the simple genius of Muxtape, vwhala, we have The Exchange, and its first edition, Say My Name.  Go listen to it, or download it for the archives.

The Exchange 001

A list of contributors and their selctions:

Me | Jazzy Belle (remix) – Outkast feat. Babyface
Marcia | Black Stacey – Saul Williams
Kate | Helen – The Cave Singers
Ouxu | Mary Jane (All Night Long) – Mary J. Blige
Cye | Saigon Meets Just Blaze – Saigon
Eyejammy | Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
Jen | Renee – Lost Boyz
OJ | Makeba – Aceyalone
Liz | Poor Georgie – MC Lyte
Panama | Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Brandon | Adam – Me’Shell Ndegéocello
George | Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole

Honestly, I don’t know but one (besides Jen) of the fine folks participating in this ongoing aural amalgam, but as Jen drafted them, I bet they’re all dope.  So open the mixtape in one tab, and go explore these cats in a bunch of other ones.  That’s what I’m doing.

Also, to acknowledge reality, I kind of suck at blogging.  Or blogging regularly, at least.  I should try harder.  There are all kinds of interesting and useful tools out there to create a presence for one’s self in the social online world that we now spend an inordinate amount of time in.  I want to make use of them.  I think I will.  But you should go listen to the mixtape.


2 responses to “I Frequently Wish That I Thought of Things That Jen Thinks Of

  1. it’s a good post. i’m too lazy to write a piece around it.

  2. i’m just so glad to see you blogging again!

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