Do work

Here I find myself, nearly a year away from the last post. That’s too bad. Wish I would’ve kept up, but there’s really nothing to do now but to do it again (‘it’ being writing, not not writing). Who knows what may come of it? Rap, sneakers, good ideas, things I notice, good design, stuff I like, people who inspire me, social commentary, commerce, publicity, fashion, food worth writing about….I don’t know. May turn into any number of things. No need for any proclamations or promises, simply another start and hopefully a more consistent run. Here goes.

But before I do, here’s a quote from a book I’ve just finished (a year or two after I got it from my Mom) that is written in a language that nearly unconditionally amazed me from beginning to end:

“I don’t like work — no man does — but I like what is in the work — the chance to find yourself. Your own reality — for yourself, not for others — what no other man can ever know. They can only see the mere show, and can never tell what it really means.”

– Marlow, from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad


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