Keys open doors

I guess I should stay away from the ‘I’m gonna write tommorrow’ proclamations from now on, huh?

Got the BET Hip-Hop Awards on in the background while I get started:

– Rick Ross performs ‘Push It’ and ‘Hustlin’.’ He sucks hard. Live, at least. I like him though.

– Jay wins the Hip-Hop Hustler Award, given to rapper who, uhhh, hustles the best(?). Fittingly. Would it really have made sense to give it to anybody else? He brings Ludacris (who was also nominated) to the stage, promises that he’ll make sure help him win next year. Kinda cool, but kinda patronizing. Closes with “Men lie, women lie, number’s don’t.” The man doesn’t know how not to be the man.

– They give T.I. the Hip-Hop CD (not Album?) of The Year Award…..while they go to commercial break. Damn, if the CD of The Year Award ain’t getting a proper presentation, which one does?

– I love Nelly. For no particular reason.

– While opening the envelope to present the Rookie of The Year Award to Crapmillionaire, his highlight reel is playing on the TV behind the podium — a good 6 or 7 seconds before they actually announce that he won. Now, I know that the BET Hip-Hop Awards Rookie of The Year isn’t necessarily the topic of mass anticipation, or looked forward to with great trepidation, but come onnnnn…….coordinate your shit, BET. Fuckin’ BET. But, man, he is just rambling on about people who hit him up on his two-way. He really doesn’t have much in the way of public speaking skills.

– Katt Williams has a Dipset chain on. Awesome.

– Jeezy has on another shirt with the crazy Bedazzler steez going on. Kinda like this one.


– Remy Ma — love her too. Again, for no particular reason. Well, maybe it’s hair. Yeah, probably the hair.

– The Game and Junior Reid perform ‘One Blood.’ Junior Reid is hot, just for wearing that head wrap and waving a little flag. Ooooh, and I just saw the giant Black Wall Street flags….nice touch. Jay nods diplomatically when The Game says the “I ain’t got beef with 50, peace to Jay….” line acapella at the end of the song.

– Why the FUCK does Chamillionaire keep winning awards? Probably the same reasons why he went platinum off of one single. A single that featured Krazy Bone.

– Wow. Another incredible Melo commercial from Jordan. I can’t find it online yet, but remember this one?

Call me what you will, but really good advertising does it for me. And Nike, and Jordan in particular, consistently make really good advertising. Like really, really good, evocative, passionate, make-you-wanna-buy-some-shit advertising. Damn, they do it. Alright, so that’s enough of the BET Awards, Laguna Beach is on.

– So……..rap. Lots to discuss.

– Alright, first, Lil’ Wayne on ‘Show Me What You Got.’ Jay, I hate to say it, but he pretty much “murdered you on your own shit.” Not to worry, though. This only further proves my original point about the song: the track is murder, it’s just that Jay wasn’t talking about nothing. Wayne just happened to come along, and, well, talk about something. In no particular order: “The only down south cat that coulda been in The Firm…..I hit cats in the head like Vonage…..Tell the world take six, Young Dictionary, make words make sense, then make cents make dollars, make the skinny girls holler, make the fat girls hungry, make ugly girls want me, but the pretty girls on me, make the shy girls horny, make the fly girls corny…..” He’s nice.  Like really, really nice.

– Nas’ new song ‘Blood Diamonds’ is good. He says “This thing has to change, feeling half ashamed, as I rap with my platinum chain…..” I wonder if he, and all the other rappers out there weighed down by big ice, really take that shit to heart. Like, is anybody really going to their neighborhood Jacob dealership (FREE JACOB!!!) and trading their shit in for some certified non-conflict diamonds? I hope so. I also hear that Nas is “scoring” the ‘Blood Diamond’ movie. I put “scoring” in quotations because I’m not really sure what it means to have Nas score your movie. Like, is he gonna get in there with the 100-piece orchestra and get his John Williams on? Or is he just gonna make a bunch of rap songs to put on the soundtrack? Either way, I’m in. While the song works, the movie (from the trailer), conversely, looks pretty crappy. Leonardo has an entirely unconvincing and even kind of annoying South African accent. Actually, the movie might be good. It’s just Leonardo that looks pretty crappy.

– Alright, I gotta go to bed, I gotta real job now. But I still have a lot I want to be snarky about. Less a preview of the next post than a reminder for myself:

  • – The Game’s album (obviously)
  • – The Game’s mental problems
  • – Fat Joe’s album (obviously, but less so)
  • – a few Clipse songs I’ve heard recently, one of which literally gave me goosebumps
  • Jim Jones’ album (it’s good, but I’m not sure there’s much more to say about it — I’ll go listen to it again)
  • – how good Nas’ album is gonna be
  • – and of course, Hov, Hov, and more Hov – exciting Just Blaze tracks, coming at Cam, getting all introspective, crappy Dr. Dre tracks, all of that….
  • some sneakers
  • what am I forgetting?

Yoooo, SportsCenter just came on, Hov is on the Hot Seat! I’m staying up for this. I’m out though.


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