– Diddy’s album is beautiful.  It’s lush, complicated, lyrical (even if they’re not his lyrics), and sweeping.  It’s quite possibly the best album I’ve heard this year.

– The VH1 Hip-Hop Honors was pretty cool last night.  It’s always fun to see old heads (and semi-old heads)perform hits and get love.  Nothing terribly special to remark on that I remember, put I like the fact that it’s turned into an annual thing.  Nice for hip-hop to have something like that.

– This man will absolutely not stop.  He can’t stop.  He doesn’t know how to stop.  If he is not the unquestionable king, of rap, of self-promotion, of New York, of hip-hop marketing, then somebody please tell me who is.

– Hi-Tek’s new album is also very good.  He’s been a highly underrated beatsmith for quite some time.  The Reflection Eternal album that he and Talib Kweli did was a straight-through, no fast-forwarding work of low-key brilliance.  He’s gotten some shine (and press) of late because he somehow managed to become one of G-Unit’s semi- in-house producers.  Whether it’s for Billion-Dollar Budget Jackson or underground stalwarts, he makes bangers, and Hi-Teknology 2 holds true to that.


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