It ain’t just me…

More folks opine on ‘Show Me What You Got’:


Soul Sides


BONUS #1: Justin and Shawn on The Making Of…..

BONUS #2: As I was writing the first post on “Show Me…,” I thought to myself, “I should break down all of Jay’s lead singles. That would make a really good blog post, and could possibly lead me to fame and fortune.” The early bird gets the worm.

BONUS #3: This one I didn’t think about, although I wish I did. Damn.

And ohhhhhhh shit, breaking motherfucking news, as in Flex is playing it as I type. New Hov shit over the Just Blaze beat that he’s had on his MySpace page for the last 6 months (on the audio player, click ‘Bored’). I think it’s called “Kingdom Come,” and he’s got beau-coup superhero references. I counted Superman, The Flash, and Spider-Man, and there’s probably more I missed. Since the world’s already heard ‘Show Me What You Got,’ I guess Jay/Def Jam decided to go ahead and give the people what they want. “Not only NYC, I’m hip-hop’s savior, so after this flow, you might owe me a favor…” See, this is why I moved to New York. To hear shit like this on the radio.

Now Flex is playing the ‘We Fly High’ remix. A few observations:

– why does that sound like Beyonce saying “Dipset…” at the beginning?

– gracing us with their presence are T.I., Diddy, Baby, & Young Dro (what happened to Kim and Mr. Jackson?)

– Baby doesn’t quite catch up the beat until about 4 bars in

– Young Dro once again makes at least 5 culinary references; it’s a shame he didn’t get a full 16

– Flex has now played this 6 times in a row

You can here both of these groundbreaking songs (one slightly more so than the other….you be the judge) here: HipHopGame’s Audio section. You’ll need Firefox with RealPlayer on a Mac, and if you’ve got a PC, Internet Explorer should work just fine.

And while we’re on the subject of Mr. “One-Eyed Wille, Byrd Gang, Uptown, 1-4-5 and Gramsterdam, Hey You Guys We’ll Slay You Guys” himself, how awesome are the first two shirts seen here?

That’s all for tonight, kids.


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