Oh yeah, one more thing

Critical beatdown breakdown of “Show Me What You Got” coming soon. Like as soon as The Wire goes off at 11. Speaking of, on the HBO website, they have playlists for Dukie, Namond, and Randy (or rather the actors who play them). Kinda cool, but huh? What is cool without the ‘huh?,’ however, is the playlists they have of the music featured on each episode. Broaden your horizon.

And Jeezy has a really good choice for a first single. A little too much cursing for the radio, but that can be fixed. And DJ Toomp, a truly under-appreciated producer, is responsible for it. Awesome. Aaron, generally not known for his knowledge or identification of good music, made this call about a week ago. I didn’t believe it ’til I just heard it on the new Clue tape. On a side note, regardless of the fact that it’s actually a CD, and I actually heard it on my computer since I downstole it, any DJ Clue release shall always be referred to as a “Clue tape.”

Additionally, on said Clue tape, new Diddy song with a Nas verse and Cee-Lo on the hook (it’s way too much to actually expect him to rap)…..straight fire. Sounds like some Kanye drums (promise you I didn’t know that until I went and found it on XXL’s Bangers section), and Diddy stepped his ghostwriting game waaaaay up this time around. Between this song and the one Pharoahe Monch wrote for him (and Havoc produced), Diddy might come up with a got-damn Hip-Hop Quotable on Press Play. How would that work though? Would he get it, or the ghostwriter?


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