Check my footwork


Fairly easy to find SB’s, un-hyped, copped for less than retail on eBay about 2-3 months ago. I love ’em though. Great, clean colorway perfect for the summertime. These kinda turned into an everyday pair for me. Everyday in the sense that I wore them more than once every two weeks or so (stunt 101). They seemed to work with damn near everything I put ’em on with. Really good quality, too, compared to some of the bullshit leather Nike uses sometime.


They’re known as the Neptunes, which I can’t quite figure out. The blue/blue (and red?) color scheme….like –> blue –> water –> ocean –> ruler of the ocean King Neptune? Or something to do with the Chinese writing on the insoles? I hope it’s not some corny reference to Chad and Pharrell.

But these are the real winners of the last few pick-ups. Women’s Air Force One’s in a size 12. Which generally translates to a men’s 10.5. Which I wear. And wear these I do.

These actually ended up being a little big, but I just left the insoles in ’em, and then got my Superfeet on. I’m almost at a loss for words with these. Not really, but you know what I mean. These just work for me. I literally think they’re beautiful.


The colorway, the embossed logo, the laser work on the tongue, the colored gum sole ( I remember when kids used to refer to soles like that as ‘ice soles’). I first saw them at Urban Outfitters, which pretty consistently stocks fly Nike’s for chicks (the light red & white pinstripe Blazers come to mind), and even more consistently refuses to order anything larger than a fucking 9 or 10. I do a ‘womens Nike 12’ search on the ‘Bay every week or so, and these popped up one day and I knew it was over. They’re a part of some kind of pack (I also got another colorway in this same pack about 2 weeks ago – they’ll get their chance up here too), but I don’t know what it’s called or what it was inspired by. The laser work and the insole design vaguely suggest some kind of floral, Asian get-down.

img_0827.JPG img_0826.JPG

But whatever, these are stunning. On an occasion or two, while getting something to wear, although I know they’re not in the running for that day, I’ve taken them out anyway just to look. Weird? Obsessive? A little bit. But look at the name of this blog. You knew what you were getting into.


One response to “Check my footwork

  1. I’ve got the latter pair in the other colorway

    I’ve also got the light red and white blazers you speak of, which TO THIS DAY i’ve never seen anyone else in, which is odd considering they’re not limited or anything

    just poking around….

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