The Parker Report and two other things while I’m at it

Erik Parker, a former editor at The Source and Vibe and certified hip-hop talking head for CNN, VH1, Fox news, etc., produces a web talk-show of sorts, featuring various hip-hop artists and journalists. I saw one episode a few weeks ago, but really got into it tonight and watched all of the episodes he’s produced thus far. He seems like an intelligent fellow, and he’s certainly got his hip-hop journalism credentials in order. Most of the topics covered seem to be pretty timely, taking into account when they came out and what was happening at the time. The two-part interview with Elliot Wilson, EIC at XXL, was informative and insightful, and he was pretty much on the money with his explanation and reasoning for the XXL/The Source/Interscope conflagration, and it’s subsequent quieting-down. Although he spews forth some really grating bullshit in his monthly editorial, hearing him expound on the issue at hand makes me respect and admire what he does even more. One of the most recent episodes discussses one of the most pressing topics in hip-hop today: The Chicken Noodle Soup dance.

It’s kind of like a rap version of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Except for the whole NewsHour-is-an-hour-long-and-The-Parker-Report-usually-clocks-in-at-about-5-minutes thing. Plus, anything that features my main dirt angel Jim Jones automatically gets bookmarked on this micking-ficking PowerBook. Once I figure out how to embed video in this here blog, I won’t have to send you here or here.

Wait, I just figured out how to put video on here. As a matter of fact, it was dumb easy. While I’m not gonna go back and put all of The Parker Report clips up, I will bless you with this. This shit is certified classic material. I don’t care if you C. Delores Tucker/Or Bill O’Reilly, you only riling me up…

I’ve also been listening to this all night. It’s definitely worth your $8.99 plus shipping and handling.


DJ Jaycee* & Michael Jackson – The Soulful Years


01. Intro
02. Sugar Daddy
03. ABC (Jaycee’s ’86 UltraSound Mix)
04. It’s Great To Be Here
05. Jaycee Wants You Back
06. My Girl
07. I Wanna Be Where You Are
08. Dancing Machine
09. Dance In Peace Dilla! (Detroit Style)
10. Mama’s Pearl
11. The Boogie Man Interlude
12. Can You Remember
13. Ready Or Not (Here I Come)
14. Never Can Say Goodbye
15. If I Don’t Love You This Way
16. I’ll Be There
17. My Cherie Amour
18. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
19. Born To Love you
20. Don’t Say Good Bye Again
21. The Love You Save
22. Ben
23. All I Do Is Think Of You
24. I Am Love Ft. jermaine
25. Call On Me
26. Ain’t No Sunshine
27. Dear Michael
28. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
29. Got To Be There
30. Maybe Tomorrow
31. La La La (Means I Love You)
32. People Make The World Go Round
33. With A Child’s Heart
34. What Up Khrysis?
35. 2-4-6-8
36. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
37. If I Have To Move A Mountain

While I can’t make an easy claim to have “grown up on this music” or that it’s “the music my mama played when we cleaned the house on Saturday mornings,” it’s beautiful nonetheless. This is Michael Jackson when he was still Michael Jackson — not the perved-out, weird, cartoon, fantasy walking-Weekly World News-headline that he is now.

*The Aphilliates! Pay the fuck attention! Shout to Ox Banga, the AUC demi-legend, wherever you are….


3 responses to “The Parker Report and two other things while I’m at it

  1. I completly understand it when rappers say, “I’m just telling my story, and this is what my block is really like”, but I don’t understand the glorifying of it. I mean, they’re CEOs, and clothing designers now, right, respectable upstanding citizens? So why are they still rapping about guns and selling drugs and getting head? And is it just generally excepted that drugs and sexual violence are okay?

    I hate to get on this tirade, because I feel that I can honsetly say that I enjoy and appreciate hip-hop, and I think thats one of the reasons that I get so upset about this shit; I really can’t seem to make peace with all the hypicracy and arrogant apathy displayed by some rappers and producers….”artists”…..yeah right.

    So seriously Sam, how do you ignore the garbage that comes out of so many rappers mouths? I mean, you listen to Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Mike Jones, and others, you know what I’m talking about. I know you to be a feminist and a peace-loving man, so how do you tolerate lyrics that perpetuate violent attitudes and life-styles?

    I’m gonna stop now because I’m getting frustrated, but I think you get my point, and more importanly my questions.

  2. Welllll….let me start by saying……I could say that……you see, what I mean is……what had happened was……nah, nevermind, there’s really no excuse for it. Nonetheless, they are artists, not “….”artists”…..yeah right.”

  3. I’m with Lia in seriously wanting to know where to put this….I have no problem with not understanding the culture that my kids are in…my parents certainly didn’t appreciate mine, but I’m interested to be part of the discussion. Though formerly hip, I”m open to discussion and hearing other points of view. Knowing you to be a young man of dignity and respect, son of peace-loving multi-cultural honoring feminists who praise the good and speak out against injustice (pardon my parental self-righteousness)…my inquiring mind wants to know….Explain to me the artistry….love, mom

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