Sorry, Aaron

As evidenced by the length of time between my last post (see below) and this one, I’m not doing that well on the blog tip. However, I really do want to contribute (to what?) and share my razor-sharp wit, insightful cultural commentary, extraordinary whip-smartedness, and bonkers sneaker collection. Tonight, maybe just some of the grips. So we’ll begin thusly:

Air Baltoro (grey/volt/raspberry red)

These are fresh off the boat. The Good Ship eBay, to be exact. Came from Hampton, VA. I couldn’t resist, either….wore ’em the next day. I’m a big ACG fan, and while there’s been a few other colorways of these joints released in the last year or so, there’s only been two that I thought were worth a damn. This is one of them. And this is the other. I got those ones too. Only drawback – these didn’t come with a box. Would that have really cost you much more to include? Hell, I’d even pop for the extra 12 cents it might’ve run you. Nonetheless, I think that a major part of the allure of these ones is the name of the colors. “Volt” and “raspberry red”? Yes, and yes. Oh yeah, and look at the nice touch they blessed me with on the little mini-heel cup:

Unbelieveably Realistic Depiction of a Mountain Range

I don’t know if you can make it out, but it’s a little mountain range. Thanks Nike, that was really sweet of you. It’s scratch-and-sniff, too. Smells like Pine-Sol.

These are from a few months ago, like late summer. But they deserve to be up here, even if a little tardy. And honestly, they were the last ones I took virgin pictures of:


You know what it is. Morehouse ’79. The Black Album, track 3. Except… damn, these are so fresh. And so clean.

Got two more in the chamber from the same photo shoot. One’s cool, a kind of kick-around, everyday pair of SB’s. The others…..well, you know every once in a while Nike’ll put out some womens joints in a colorway that’s leagues fresher than the mens? Ooooooweee…..yeah, some of those. And I can fit reeeeeal nicely in a womens 12. In Air Force One’s at least. Another day.

And hopefully something halfway exciting to talk about in music. Not much in the last week, though. Lupe got his album sales re-calculated. Awesome, now he’ll probably retire after 2 albums, instead of three (see his quote towards the bottom). I fucks with this kid, have since he was on Touch The Sky day one, and I really like the album….but, if I may be so bold…..who the FUCK do you think you are? Retire? “bye bye hip-hop well at least as a rapper…”? Again, and I think this bears repeating…who the FUCK do you think you are? Despite your years in the game, underground and above, you’ve just barely said hello to hip-hop. Not only why, but who are you, to say goodbye? You’re getting entirely, outlandishly, waaaaaaay a little bit ahead of yourself there, champ. Slow down, enjoy your limited success, find out how to make said success less limited, and make some more good music. Don’t even think about retiring yet. Not because you’d be sorely missed (at this point, you wouldn’t), but because you’re simply not that hot. Done with hip-hop after your next few albums? Retiring? Cuz, you just got your first real gig.

Besides that, Luda’s album came out today. It’s pretty good, but the most notable thing about it is definitely his haircut which is featured prominently on the cover. He’s got that beijing shit going on that some of those Philly cats have. I don’t know what that’s all about, but, hey, whatever works for you, Luva Luva.

Oh yeah, and it seems that my boy Max B. is in way over his head. Not really a hard position for him to be in, as he’s about 5 foot nothing. I keed, I keed! And it’s really not a time for jokes, considering the shit he managed to get himself mixed up in. Hopefully I’m not being too pre-emptively sentimental, but I’ll always have a soft spot for a good Max B. hook on a Dipset mixtape track. He seemed like a loveable sort of fella, especially after I saw him on One-Eyed Willy’s A Day in The Fastlife explaining to the crew how he was crying when his girl said she was breaking up with him.

Alright, so maybe there was a thing or two to talk about in music last week. Anyhow, holler.


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